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Book Club Simplified.

Organize Meeting Details, book selections, connect with members, track RSVPs & buy book selections quickly and easily.

Cast Your Vote

Make book club selection a breeze by adding possible club picks, then vote (anonymously) on your favorites.


Discover books by adjective, collectively curated by our 43,000 book clubs’ ratings and reviews of their book club selections.

Happy Book Hunting

Explore Top Club Picks & New Releases–all rated & reviewed by book clubs.

Save Now, Save Later

Save your finds to your personal bookshelf & we’ll let you know when they go on sale.

Founder’s Note

“I built this app to make your life easier.  (Your book club life, anyway.)

I am also about to make book shopping easier.
And more fun.

It’s taken me (and my incredible team) 3 years.

I poured *a lot* of love into it.”

— Pauline Hubert, Founder

  • BookMovement makes us feel official and united. Plus, it makes me, the unofficial book club leader, look very organized 🙂

    - Jenny, Women in Niceville Book Club

  • There is no other book club service that even compares to Book Movement!  Your are by far the best for all the many things you offer members: the scheduling, the reminders, the convenience of book shopping, the discussion questions, the reviews, and so much more.  You are truly amazing!

    - Deborah Freeland